• Hi, I'm J. Charles Gasche

    I used to work in tech and for a few years I've maintained an unhealthy average of 2 hours a day in long distance transportation. Because of all the time I've spent on my laptop at airports, I've come to call myself an Airport Worker.

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    “Given my resume, shouldn’t I join one of these large, prestigious, well paying companies and just chill?”

    In August last year, I made a radical change in my career and joined one of the “prestigious” fortune 500 juggernauts.


    A new wave of Automation is on its way, one driven more by machines than by humans. The debate today about AI is between two kinds of people:

    • The ones that believe we won’t find any new job after that.
    • The ones who believe new jobs will appear anyway, and there is nothing to worry about.
    Who's wrong?


    Bitcoin pushed its record high valuation higher again this month. But all cryptocurrencies are not created equal. What’s disturbing in cryptocurrencies today is that despite their insanely high market capitalizations, almost no cryptocurrency is primarily used for what it’s supposed to: trading goods and services.


    Elon Musk. Some people laughed at him when he said he would bring electric cars to the mass market and land rocket boosters vertically to reuse them.

    Today he is claiming he will carry passengers to anywhere on the planet in under an hour.


    Rails Migrations were introduced to be a convenient way to alter the database in a structured and organized manner, and effectively bring great consistency over time on a project.


    « Inexperienced founders unconsciously judge larval startups by the standards of established ones. They’re like someone looking at a newborn baby and concluding “there’s no way this tiny creature could ever accomplish anything.” »

    Paul Graham

  • Projects

    A selection of projects I co-founded


    Your favorite store in your pocket

    We built consumer Apps for e-commerce stores based on online communities.

    Had a lot of fun doing data science.

    Avg. $250/month per customer


    PS: Engineers can see everything you do online.


    ApplePay, before ApplePay

    A few years back, shopping on mobile and desktop used to be a pain. Shopping cart abandonment was over 70% because of checkouts that sucked. Our App was on the way to solving this problem, when Apple released ApplePay.


    Venturing here and there

    Selling things online can bring satisfaction to some. Innovating in technology is always what has driven me, and passion has always left after my curiosity was satisfied.